Thanksgiving: Brisket & Sausage

So, having made our first attempt at smoking tri tip earlier in the year, we decided to try another staple meat to see how we’d do.  Thanksgiving was approaching and we would have all day to do nothing but smoke.  It was time to get some brisket done.

Before ever starting this, we reviewed Aaron Franklin’s YouTube videos (The Brisket, The CookThe Payoff) on the Butcher Paper Brisket.  We also reviewed the steps and variation on the Sour Cherry Farm webpage.

Our local market only had a pre-trimmed brisket, so we couldn’t get our hands on the fat trimming process.  Sad but true: we asked the young employee behind the meat counter for some butcher paper and he replied: “What’s butcher paper?”  We bought parchment paper instead.

We used a basic Dalmatian rub, 1:1 coarse salt to coarse black pepper, by volume.  We used Apple wood over charcoal in the smoker and sprayed the brisket pre-wrap with a mixture of apple juice and apple cider vinegar.


For this cook we made a charcoal ring (also called a charcoal basket) for the smoker.  It’s not absolutely necessary, but we had the wire for it anyways.  A link to directions is at the bottom.  We also replaced the rusty charcoal grate with a new one (not pictured).


We also tried out some store-bought sausage on the smoker.  Not ready to make our own yet, but we will.

The results were great for a first try.  We had a nice smoke ring on the brisket and good smoke flavor.




The sausage (not pictured) had good smoke flavor as well.  You can bet we’ll keep cooking sausage this way!


Virtual Webber Bullet

BBQ with Franklin: The Brisket

BBQ with Franklin: The Cook

BBQ with Franklin: The Payoff

Sour Cherry Farm


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