2016 Silicon Valley Barbeque Championships

Held June 24 & 25, the 5th annual Silicon Valley Barbeque Championships were held late last month in Santa Clara. The competition fielded 59 professional teams and 28 “backyard” teams in the categories of Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken Thighs, and Brisket.

Most unfortunately, we could not make it on the 25th for the awards ceremony.  We did manage to make it the evening of the 24th and take some photos.

There were quite a few Weber Smokey Mountains and cabinet smokers.  From what we could see there were a smaller number of offset smokers.

Between sampling food and taking pictures we only spoke with a couple of the teams.  However, everyone seemed generous and willing to chat with attendees.

Many thanks to Smoke and Berns and Blazin’ by the Bay BBQ for chatting with us.

Smoke and Berns


Blazin’ by the Bay BBQ

The wood by the smoker is Apple.





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