The Smokey Joe Mini WSM smoker

Our interest in barbecue piqued years ago when we obtained a copy of Steven Raichlen’s BBQ USA book.  It was such an information-packed book on the regional styles of barbecue that we couldn’t resist trying different recipes out.  Fast-forward a few years and things really kicked into gear after chain-watching BBQ Pitmasters on TV.  The brisket, ribs, and pork were too much to resist.  We had to get in on this, but the old stanby, the Weber Kettle grill, was not going to do.  We needed a smoker.  But how could we get one?

A simple search on DIY smokers made short work of that: the Smokey Joe Mini WSM.

Weber has a line of these bullet-shaped smokers, including a 14″ one for around $200.  We followed in the footsteps of other enthusiasts and created a version out of a Weber Smokey Joe grill and a 32-quart pot for about $40.  Rather than rehash what has been written, links to sites with instructions are at the bottom.

The grill was bought off of Craigslist and the pot from Walmart (IMUSA 32 quart).



Our thermometer was liberated from a old gas grill that was on its way to being recycled.


A little spray paint and a stencil yielded the (almost) final result.  The great thing about the DIY smoker is no guilt about modifying things and messing up.  Next up: a second grill grate.




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